Technical Support Services

CBase Solutions Inc. provides many services in supporting organizations or individuals that requires Technical Support Services. The degree of services can be specially tailored for your specific needs.

Services We Provide

Business Management Technical Support Services
Business Consulting, Project Planning, Records Management, Training, Education, Marketing and Publications Management, Event Planning and Conference Management
High-Tech Information Technology Technical Support Services
Systems Services, Customer Support, Network Support, Information System Setup and Installation, Help Desk
Security Technical Support Services
Technical Support, Facility Management

CBase Solutions professionals possess many years of cumulative managerial experience in business management, information technology and security services.

We offer a full range of business management support. Our program managers specialize in records management, event planning and conference management, training and education, marketing and publications development.

Utilizing innovative and emerging technologies, CBase Solutions helps organizations develop and implement IT strategies. Areas of IT concentration include systems services, network support and technical customer support.

CBase Solutions provides comprehensive security services to ensure facilities, people and systems are protected. Our security services staffs perform outstanding technical support and facilities management tasks.