Library Management Services

CBase Solutions Inc. provides many services in supporting organizations that requires Library Management Services. The degree of services can be specially tailored for your specific needs.

Services We Provide

  • Maintaining the currency of your library; placement of materials, looseleaf filing, pocket part inserting and advance sheet placement.
  • Claim orders; Regardless of the seriousness of the problem, our librarian will fill out a written claim order.
  • Reshelving; We always reshelf correctly.
  • Proper placement; CBase Solutions Inc. believes in organization.
  • Maintaining library's electronic data discs and manuals.
  • Routing materials of interest received in your library.
  • Consultation on reference sources available.
  • Preparation and arrangement for binding.
  • Inventory Program; CBase Solutions Inc. prepares an exhaustive, complete, innovative and customized Inventory Report. It has been customized to your specific needs. The Inventory Reports are organized to include such vital information as publisher, titles, subtitles, copyright dates, types of volumes, and the status of those volumes etc.
  • Subscription Management; Keeping track of the money spent on updating and maintaining a library collection is a complicated task. Our staff are experienced and can provide a superb service to suit your need in this area.
  • Tracking and Maintaining Library's Accounting Records